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I Still Hear Your Seawinds Blowing

Galveston 145I’ve been away from WordPress for several days, visiting Galveston. Yes, the very same one about which Glen Campbell sang. February is probably not the choicest month for much of anything, and visiting the coast is no exception. It was miserably cold (not Yankee minus-temperature cold), rainy, and so windy that it shook the walls of the rental condo all night long. I could easily see how being caught in a hurricane would be terrifying. We’ve visited Galveston before, but this time we were witness to much more dilapidation. Beach towns will always be in various stages of construction, as is the nature of weatherworn homes, but it was particulary disheartening to see homes that surely once knew glory, left to slowly decay.

Galveston 041Galveston already has a history of ghosts, but with the constant fog and drizzle surrounding Victorian-era houses, it was even more apparent.

Galveston 043

Galveston Charles Camera 044

Bright colors can’t mask the ramshackle state of this home.

Galveston 042Some homes were probably not much to begin with.

Galveston Charles Camera 047But among the poverty, were words of hope.

Galveston Charles Camera 043

Galveston Charles Camera 045

12 thoughts on “I Still Hear Your Seawinds Blowing”

  1. Thanks for bringing that classic Glenn Campbell song to my mind, Kerbey. And I hope the folks of Galveston, oh, Galveston can find the wherewithal and funds to restore these homes to a utilitarian state, if not the full original splendor.


  2. Galveston used to be stomping grounds for me. Would spend weekends ‘camping out’ in the Jetty Lighthouse (now gone from hurricane), fishing for bull sharks. I wrote a very long post on this subject couple of months ago.
    Love the Glen C. Song!
    Great post: brought back memories.
    Sad though, to see the disrepair of these houses. I have not been to Galveston in many years.


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