You Mean We Don’t Need Seven Remotes For One TV?


Back in the day, all you needed was four buttons to access ALL 82 channels. That’s right up my alley. Simplicity. Why have we made this so complicated from what it was in 1980?


Jupiter is still a bonafide planet, right?

The new RCA FD500 had everything one could want, including programming a week’s worth of shows. Who needs TIVO? Not only did it shut itself off after The Late Show, but it could turn your lamps off and on intermittently to ward off would-be robbers and thugs. Let’s hope they didn’t know you had scored the latest RCA, or you were done for! Even the AutoProgrammer could wake you up. No alarm needed!


And the colors were so vibrant! See how right the colors can be.


Yep, I think that’s pretty much all the colors.

I recall we were all a lot thinner then, but THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Somebody feed her! She is about to collapse under the weight of her videocamera!


And if you’re gonna do it, do it right. Don’t skimp on lesser models when you could go full on stately cabinet, pecan-veneered Marandino.


Or the Glenrich, a contemporary highboy. Oh, that’s a good name for a blog, come to think of it. Maybe I’ll change mine. Anyhoo, the point is not to skimp. You want to watch Thursday’s Mork and Mindy and Bosom Buddies in style, don’t you? Just think, you could be THIS guy.

this guy

17 thoughts on “You Mean We Don’t Need Seven Remotes For One TV?

  1. Oh hell yes. This is too cool. I recall when we we got our first TV. That was about 1950 some thing. Sorry but I think that the skinny chick with the camera is sexy. She reminds me of my third wife. Thanks. Your posts always make my day!


      1. Oh hell yes. I will probably ask her out and make dinner. Crab Rangoon, a nice salad and a grilled sea bass. You are so coll. Thanks for being you. Oh;by the way I use lump crab and horseradish when I build a rangoon. BYE!


  2. It’s gotten so complicated I don’t even touch the TV, DVD or any of the numerous remotes. I long for the old days when you turned on the TV and switched channels right there at the set. Simple, any idiot could do it, or should I say any adult could do it. Now every new TV should come equipped with a teen aged boy to run it. I think programming was better then too.
    Ruth from At Home on the Road


  3. I have always said (mostly as a joke but its eerie how accurate it is) that no matter how “advanced” your television/dvr/dvd-blue ray/whatchamathingamabob may be you always wind up buying an adapter from Radio Shack to make it all work.


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