Even Purple Rain Would Be Nice


The sky has been the biggest tease for over a month now, growing cloudy each morning and late afternoon, sending ominous dark clouds to lord over me as I jog. I tempt fate by washing my car and watering the fig tree, since that’s usually a guarantee for precipitation, but to no avail. The most rain we get is three minutes tops, and usually just sprinkles, not the deadly downpours like Boulder, Colorado has seen this week. Short of doing a rain dance, I have no power over the weather. However, I did discover a place today that is a site for sore ears…


Ahhhh. I feel better already.

10 thoughts on “Even Purple Rain Would Be Nice

  1. Another nice post. I know the felling well. There is something reassuring and “cozy” about the sound of falling rain. The smell, the wind. Really love your header. Such great color coordination.


  2. I wish I could send you some of our rain. It’s been a steady deluge here in England for the last week! It’s cold, windy, raining and frankly a bit grim…


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