Have You Seen Me?


I got this in the mail recently, attached to a pizza coupon.  I usually don’t pay these things much mind, especially since the woman in question was abducted at a distance of more than several hundred Rhode Islands from my home.  However, this one vexed me.  It shows that she was thirteen when she was abducted, and through the magic of science, they have age-progressed her to what she might look like at seventeen.  Which was two years ago.  Which is not what she’d look like now.  So what gives?  What’s the point of that?  “Have you seen me when you time-traveled back to 2011?”  Do we only possess the power to age-progress to a four year maximum?  I don’t understand.

3 thoughts on “Have You Seen Me?

  1. Maybe it’s prohibitively expensive. Ha. So weird.They should use a lighter background on the older photo, so that you can see her hair, especially since in the earlier photo her hair is covered up by a cap.


  2. I’d like to time travel to 2011. I have a whole lot of information I could deliver to my two years younger self. As for the picture, I would wager to say it was already made two years ago, and they’re either too lazy or too cheap to fast forward to 2013.


  3. I don’t get it either. lol. Well, the difference between seventeen and ninteen would be less than seven and seventeen…. but saying that, I cut all my hair off and dyed it pink recently so the difference in me between 38 and 39 was remarkable, not to mention the loss of 10kg….


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