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Desert Oasis

We visited The Oasis this past weekend in central Texas and enjoyed a nice meal of redfish, grilled veggies, and rice. The Oasis has never (in decades) been known for decent or reasonably-priced food, so this was quite a surprise. And though it was a steamy 104 degrees in the sun, the shaded deck (and surrounding fans) allowed for a comfortable meal.


The lake level has been so low for so long, that it’s hard to recall a time when Lake Travis was full, and we weren’t under mandatory watering restrictions.  This island shouldn’t really exist.  It should all be under water.


Despite the heat, humidity, and low water levels, the lake can still be an enjoyable spot for breathtaking views.  The dozens of sailboats and waterboats, skiers and fishermen can testify to that.

lower glass railing viewing deck
lower glass railing viewing deck

We’re just happy the trees are still green in August, instead of pointy brown branches, singed from oppressive sunlight.  Dog days indeed.

10 thoughts on “Desert Oasis”

  1. Wow, I think I can detect signs of the receding shoreline from your pictures. Your provocative intro regarding the food at this joint begs the question. Por que. For the great view? Of course the prospect of a redfish dinner AND a view like that could convince any diner; no matter how old and jaded.


    1. We were trying to show my son the high life. Actually, the restaurant is a part of a huge compound with other businesses, and they had advertised a big “Market Days” with vendors and music and kid’s tables. However, that turned out to be two vendors, so it was pretty lame. We did enjoy the pretty view, though. Fish for $13 isn’t a bad deal.


      1. I found the Oasis on the internet. The place is lovely and according to Yelp and Urban Spoon about the only thing it has going for it is the view. Bad food and bad service. Their web site doesn’t have a menu posted however Yelp listed a menu of sorts. Oy vey. The prices are higher than the ears on a giraffe.


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