Crouching Cody, Hidden Dragon

“Another day on the river brings another opportunity for rescue.”

Well, it’s tit for tat night, and since the hub had to endure the Grammy Red Carpet on Sunday, I am gamely watching my second hour of Discovery Channel’s Dual Survivor.  Crouching Cody is present and accounted for, but his former partner, Dave Canterbury, has vanished (due to an embellished resume), replaced with special ops Joe Teti, a younger model.  Joe’s beard has less grey than Dave’s, and he wears a ball cap while Cody dons his same old purple do rag.  From my perspective, Joe is the boy, and Cody is the girl.

I don’t care about survival or knives or knots.  All I see is the patriot and the hippie. Joe is a bit of an eager beaver.  He needs to pace himself.  He also drank his urine twice in a row, and that’s a no-no.  Cody builds the fires.  Actually, Joe built a fire tonight with a battery and a gum wrapper on his second try.  Yay, Joe!  But it was Cody who pointed out that they couldn’t sleep in a baobob tree due to risk of contracting the bubonic plague.  Duh, Joe.

If it were me, lost in the wilderness, I would just lay down and die and wait to float up to heaven.  I’ve got nothing to prove.  Let that hippo trample me.  But if I had to be dually surviving with one of those guys, Joe seems the obvious choice.  Cody rubs me the wrong way.  It’s not just his Sequoia-sized thighs.  Even his voice irritates me.  And he looks like a steroided lesbian bodybuilder who you only have to look at to know her voice is crazy low.  And what is up with all this squatting??

I can think of a handful of men with whom I’d rather be bludgeoned to death than stuck on a desert island: Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarantino, and Michael Moore, for starters.  And Cody is not nearly repulsive enough to join the ranks of that trio.  Not even close.  It’s just a certain je ne sais quoi.  I can’t put my finger on it.

Now I know full well that shoeless Cody could provide for me.  I’m not against collecting rainwater and composting waste.  He’s certainly proven he’s got skills.  I imagine those bare feet can tread lightly and those butch arms can carry a big whittled stick.  And, really, it should be kind of a turn-on to see him construct a bamboo spear to provide us with a fresh fish dinner, but then again, he’s wearing a handkerchief on his head, and tossing his long braids about.  And don’t get me started on his Daisy Dukes.

Tonight I looked at Cody’s left hand and noted there wasn’t a ring.  It must be hard to court a woman and start a family when you live off the grid, far from shopping centers and coffee shops.

Truth be told, I’d rather be stuck on that island with Myke Hawke (don’t say that one too quickly) of Discovery Channel’s defunct Man, Woman, Wild.  Now that might be worth surviving.

pic courtesy of fellow blogger at
pic courtesy of fellow blogger at

3 thoughts on “Crouching Cody, Hidden Dragon

  1. Hahahahah I just read your blog post… and thought to myself … “I don’t get it” then scrolled up for a bit more … context.. and saw that that was the title of your blog. lol. Funny! I’m guessing this squatting guy is on Survivor, and not the actual author of this blog?


    1. Oh, sorry–it’s a cable show called “Dual Survivor,” not to be confused with “Survivor.” Cody and Joe are the two survival experts on outdoor adventures.


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