Lookin’ Like A Fool With Your Pants On The Ground


Can you really blame Selena for kicking this one to the curb?  There is no way to justify this catastrophe of an ensemble.  Does this really appeal to teen girls?  Where is the shame in looking presentable?  When did we decide to stop dressing nicely?  Was it when ladies started burning their bras?  Damn you, libbers!

Now this was appropriate garb in a high school cafeteria back in 1943.  No hoochie mamas present, thank you.

all BxW pics courtesy of www.shorpy.com
all BxW pics courtesy of http://www.shorpy.com

This was how people dressed in Chicago to attend the movies in 1941.  No, it wasn’t even Broadway.

Chicago moviegoersThe Philadelphia StoryApril41

Check out these folks riding bikes…

Schwinn1949 February 7, 1925. Washington, D.C.Mildred Billert and Hazel Bowman of Ned Weyburn's Revue

Even if they leaned forward toward the handle bars, there was no threat of whale tail in effect, no tawdry tramp stamp to mark them past their due date.

See how modestly these gals of the paper mill were attired ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY YEARS AGO?  Say what you will about the ruffles that appear to be multiplying and about to attack her head; she’s quite fetching chilling on the railroad tracks.  And what comportment!


Even Granny’s mowing outfit looks better than how people dress for church these days.


But this–this is the sad part. Even this GANG from 1916 looks sharp by today’s standards.

StreetGang1916Minus the smokes (and the gun), that’s street urchin style!  You can bet your bippy these kids were not of grand means, but they took the time to put an outfit together.  What happened, America?  What happened?

3 thoughts on “Lookin’ Like A Fool With Your Pants On The Ground”

  1. How much do I LOVE this post! I couldn’t agree more. I agree whole-heartedly that in days gone by people actually cared about what they looked like. I love a good suit, tie and trilby… accented well with a good serve of manners.


    1. I had never heard of a trilby, only a fedora. Everything you say sounds so much more interesting because you are in Australia and have much cooler terms than we do. I will now start saying “trilby” whenever appropriate!


      1. Hahahahahahahha I google imaged TRILBY and then did the same for FEDORA and got prettttyy much the same images. lol. Yeah, Aussies are cool. lol


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