But I Only Like Domesticated Cherries

Both of these ads are tucked inside my January 1951 LIFE. Both cough drops, both wild cherry, both manufactured by brothers. Which to choose?

The Smith Brothers were the first to produce cough drops in the US, initially sold from glass jars on countertops. However, to ensure that drug stores sold their quality product instead of fakes, they began to shove them in little boxes with the faces of the bearded brothers.

The Pine Brothers, by comparison, began selling their glycerine tablets out of a confectionary shop, not a drugstore. In these ads, Pine Brothers cost twice as much. Is it because glycerine doubles as a laxative or because they have PINE printed on them? The drops are still stamped PINE to this day, and softish as could be. Softish? Yes, as in stool softener.

Personally, I’ve never had either. We’ve always been Luden’s folks. What about you?


8 thoughts on “But I Only Like Domesticated Cherries”

  1. I recall my parents giving me Smith Brothers for coughs when I was very young, Kerbey. Nowadays I purchase the Walgreens or other drugstore names to save a few cents, finding that they solve the hack-hack just like the name brands.

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  2. Best thing about getting a little cold or sore throat were the wild cherry cough drops… tried both Bros. many times but have to confess a weakess for the glycerine consistency. For some reason these things remind me of Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy, preferably banana flavored.

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