Me On Day 15 Of China Virus

LIFE Jan ’51

Actually, she looks better than I feel. Two weeks of making hot tea, hoping one day I will smell and taste again, losing a pound daily for the first 10 days, coughing, nauseated. Oh, what fun it is to have the China virus inside your body, when you never leave home, and a year has passed since any interaction with friends or family. But no matter!

Fanny Thorne presumably lived through the pandemic 100 years ago, and here we see here at the age of 88 in 1951, in the English village of Preston Candover, which today has fewer residents than the amount of students in most of your graduating classes. Fanny’s husband fought in the Boer War, then passed during WWI, while she lived a life of “deliberate sameness,” threshing wheat, sorting potatoes, or cutting kale for cattle because gross, why would humans eat it? At age 86, the great-grandmother of 19 “stooked” an eight acre field of barley sans help in just 11.5 hours. Combined with her years of devoted service to agriculture, the King of England himself awarded her the ribboned-and-silver British Empire Medal.

Not too shabby.

9 thoughts on “Me On Day 15 Of China Virus”

  1. I recognize her. She was a year behind you in high school. 😈 I didn’t know you had contracted the (we cannot say Chinese) virus. Hope you get better soon. It can really knock you on your fanny. I heard that beer and Girl Scout cookies can speed recovery although they should not be taken at the same time.

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    1. I think if the virus has laid you on your a$$ and you haven’t worked in over two weeks and every second is misery, you are allowed to call it “I hate China” virus, so I will. The thought of alcohol is gross, as is almost everything except bread. And Fanny was a year AHEAD of me. She is ancient!

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      1. Ai yai yai. That sounds dreadful especially since it coincided with the Great Austin Freeze and Power Outage. I’m surprised your spouse is still alive – I’ve read about what can happen in those circumstances and it’s horrifying albeit justifiable.

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      2. Exactly. The first week of Feb, we were rearended on the highway, and I wound up in ER for whiplash, one week after ending PT for neck pain. Then the ice storm hit, and we couldn’t leave home for a week, which meant no treatment for me, no fixing of his car, and then suddenly I got fever. Couldn’t go to an MD or go get medicine, nothing. It was zero and all the water was under a boil water notice, so that compounded everything a million times. By the time I got to a drive thru CVS, it had been over a week. I was positive, and yet my hubs (who just had triple bypass last year) and son weren’t. And since when you are positive, you are usually positive for 3 months afterward (though not contagious), that means neither could have given it to me or they would have still shown positive. Nothing makes sense. They never even got the damn fever I had. But I’m so glad they were spared. So it was only yesterday that our car was ready from the auto body shop–and also the day that my son had his first accident in my car, and now that car is a total loss, not covered by our ins, since it’s over 100K miles. So it’s been a BANNER FOUR WEEKS. Unless I win the lotter which I don’t play, no amount of good could ying/yang this final year of my 40s.

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      3. Wow. What a string of bad luck. I hope you’ve reached the end and have turned for the better. Being a church-going lady you no doubt have opened your Book of Job and sniffed, “Bah. Rookie numbers.” It’s good that the Covid passed over spouse and spawn; mighty strange how the infection patterns don’t seem to make much sense. We get our #2 Pfizer shot day after tomorrow at a cattle call at a nearby convention center so perhaps we have dodged the bullet. (Shhh…don’t jinx it.) Hope the boy makes it out of the doghouse by the time he’s 30.

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      4. Good that you’re getting the vaccine; my stepdad got one dose, and my dad’s been waiting on his forever. The list is loooong. I have thought of Job oft, yes. I am of course just glad that spawn is okay, but what a mess this is right now, and the logistics of how to even get him to work. I guess most teen boys don’t make it 2 years with no tickets or accidents. We had been so lucky. Grandparenting sounds much funner.

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