Just Shove Your Noggin In Here, Kid

9/48 Nat Geo by Justin Locke

A supervisor at George Washington University’s then-new eye clinic checks a toddler’s eyes for double vision. The clinic routinely covered a child’s “good eye” in order to strengthen the poor one in youngsters who had lost their ability to fuse what their two eyes view into a single picture. The two onlookers seem to be sizing things up just fine.

12 thoughts on “Just Shove Your Noggin In Here, Kid”

  1. I had to use a contraption like that for my ‘lazy eye’ when I was about that kid’s age, Kerbey. Then they made me wear a patch over my ‘good eye.’ I think I still have bruises from walking into stuff. An operation cured the muscle problem (though I can get slightly crossed if I get tired or drink one too many is a thought I carry with me) but as for curing vision, no, in that one eye I still can’t go more than the big E on the chart even with glasses. There you have it.

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    1. Goodness! That sounds like my husband’s cousin’s child. She is just a toddler and they have her wearing a patch over her good eye right now. She was prone to having them cross. I do hope it helps. But I can see how just covering the good I wouldn’t suddenly make the other one work better. Glad your operation helped in some way.


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