Of Ice And Men

Reminisce: Pics from the Past

Brothers Fred and Amos Vieira cut ice on their farm pond in Jacksonville, Illinois exactly 100 years ago in 1921. One hopes they never fell through the ice in those heavy jackets, but I imagine, as they were the only two of six sons assigned to this chore, that their competence was high. Ice was stored in sawdust (yes, that’s a thing) for later use. Can you imagine dusty ice cubes in your cocktail? I can’t even imagine a frozen river.

16 thoughts on “Of Ice And Men”

  1. I double-talked seeing ‘ice farm’ and ‘Jacksonville’ so close together, Kerbey, until I noted the State was Illinois. I’ve seen history lessons about how they moved the ice from our local Onondaga Lake for greater use, and it was an interesting process indeed.

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      1. It was the most snow we’ve ever had in my life. We can still see a snowman in the front yard. But it will be gone by afternoon. We got a little dose of Northern living.


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