10 thoughts on “Texaco: In All 48 States”

  1. Good old Texaco. I hate to admit it but until very recently I did not know that the name Texaco came from Texas Company. No matter, since it’s now called Chevron following the merger. But Texaco was indeed a big name in oil and for many years, Texaco was the only company selling gasoline under the same brand name in all 50 US states, as well as Canada. Factoid of the day!

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  2. We most certainly did have Texaco stations in New York in my Wayback, Kerbey, but never the frog in the ads. Our TV commercials went “You can trust your car to the man who wears the star, the big red Texaco star!” Yes, back when an attendant came to pump your gas every dang time you pulled in.

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    1. And did you have to tip him? I remember that vaguely when I was a kid. My mom would say, “$10 on regular” and he would pump the gas and clean the windshield. Isn’t it funny how commercials stay in our heads? I bet you’ll never forget that!


      1. It’s in my noggin’ forever for sure, Kerbey, with the fact that I was not privy to the money exchange between my father and the gas attendant, so I don’t know if he tipped! I do know that my arrival to driving age coincided with the pump-it-yourself gas station conversions.

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      2. So much self-serve! And to think, now we have to scan our own groceries like essential but unpaid proles, hmph! Soon folks will have to do self-serve lab draws. 😉

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