We’re Loading Up Our Woody With Our Boards Inside

We visited Corpus Christi last weekend for our annual 36 hour pre-Thanksgiving weekend trip, our first time leaving town this entire year. We stayed in an overpriced VRBO home, as per the usual, and even at thrice the cost, it’s always better than hotels. No kids running up and down halls, no slamming doors at midnight, no God-knows-what under a hotel bed that hasn’t been cleaned since the Obama administration, no sharing walls with anyone at all. We spent a total of about 20 minutes at the beach, none of us wanting to take a swim and spend our brief visit picking sand out of crevices. But it was nice just to breathe somewhere other than home for the first time this year. We still haven’t gathered with friends or family since pre-COVID, minus dropping off a meal and waving to my folks for Thanksgiving. I am so ready for this year to be over.

8 thoughts on “We’re Loading Up Our Woody With Our Boards Inside”

  1. So that’s where you were when you abandoned all your blog followers. Well, alrighty then…Surfin’ Safari! So if you didn’t go in the water, what did y’all do (note “y’all”)? Was it busy with other Covid scofflaws?

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    1. Not very busy, no. Well, we got there Fri night, so we ate dinner. Then up Saturday for breakfast, aquarium, late lunch, putt putt, and showers before a Hallmark movie on their TV. Then up and checked out in the morning. My son got some cool drone beach footage, so that made it worth it. And I learned to never ever eat Mexican food in a small town again. Like I say, it was super brief. BTW, I think folks are happy to get a reprieve from the blog.

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  2. Good to see you back, Kerbey. And glad to hear you got away for a stretch of time. Much needed this crazy 2020, mind-unwind! Glad you at least waved to the folks on Thanksgiving, too. Cheers to you three as we hit December.

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