A Little Fall Of Rain

Afternoon Rain, San Francisco, CA, 2017 by Mike Spector

I had to toss my son’s long, pointed umbrella last night, as it finally gave up the ghost. The white plastic pieces on the shaft had gone brittle and cracked. It must have been 20 years old, and it took up several feet of space, not having been invented during the collapsible, compact years.


They mustn’t make them like that anymore, as our newer, smaller umbrella ribs can’t seem to last longer than a set of tires, and they certainly snap in a solid wind.


However, we live in Texas, where it rains as many fingers as I have per year. It’s enough to make us want to run out and dance in it–and we have! But never to this extent.


6 thoughts on “A Little Fall Of Rain”

  1. So I take it that Austin finally got some precipitation and you can now stop griping about your drought, eh? We’re due for a bi of rain at the end of next week, first time in 174 days or so I’m told. Figures…just washed the dog, washed the car and filled the hot tub with fresh water.

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    1. Yes, my griping will resume once we hit the twenties. The decade. Are you serious? 174 days? I think your washing activities served as a pseudo Indian rain dance, so surely it will come.

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      1. That’s what the news people said. I don’t remember the last rain. E erybody here gets worked up because the recent drought years were not fun at all. Usually the Sierra ski resorts open this week but this year…nope.

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