Dear Bets (The Belle Of The Ball)

Yes, I realize we rarely read cursive anymore, and truth be told, it IS a bit of a chore to read an entire paragraph. But these words to 1941 freshman coed Betty F. make for interesting reading. First, a note from her ex to his “cute little fillie.”

Here is Betty.

Her nickname was “Tank.”

This was from her boyfriend, Dan, pouring his heart out to her, and admitting that he played his best at basketball just for her.

There’s too much to share the whole thing, but the sign-off was the best.

And this was from a boy she evidently friendzoned. However, if she were to change her mind about him, he’d return so fast, it would make her head swim.

I think we can agree that this yearbook lived up to its name.

8 thoughts on “Dear Bets (The Belle Of The Ball)”

  1. Wow. I wonder how these things got away from their owner. I would like to think they would want to keep them in the family. But then maybe I am too much the Romantic.


    1. Idk, Tom. Maybe it’s like the uproar about “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” Maybe cute little fillie was the utmost in compliments. My phlebotomist today kept calling me “sweetheart,” and I was totally okay with it. I was like, yes, please assuage my unhappiness with 6 vials of blood leaving my body with your terms of endearment.


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