The Case Of The Ticklish Adam’s Apple

Kodak 1957

11 thoughts on “The Case Of The Ticklish Adam’s Apple”

  1. Isn’t there some story that if you hold a flower (a buttercup, I think) under a person’s chin and the color is reflected, that’s a sign they like you? Or something like that? I don’t know my flower lore very well.

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    1. Goodness, I’ve never heard of that. I’d think the little yellow polleny stuff would make you sneeze all over them, and they’d never like you. That’s hardly a build-me-up, buttercup.


      1. Well let me google that… OK…here’s an excerpt from Wiki on “buttercup”:
        People sometimes hold a fresh buttercup flower under the chin of a friend or family member. If a yellow reflection from the flower’s shiny petals can be seen under the chin, the person is said to “like butter”. This custom is still taught to young children and shows how buttercup petals reflect light.

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