15 thoughts on “When You Order Queso For Yourself But Your Friends Think It’s For The Table”

  1. It is so relaxing to watch those lizards flicking their tongues in the food. However, I am intense about people sticking their germy fingers in shared food so I am glad humans don’t do this as I would just suffer a complete collapse.

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      1. I sing in the band every other week with several other vocalists. I’ve been in the band for a decade and actually joined the year after I married the worship leader. Now we have a new leader. Last Sunday, we had a guest speaker come up on stage so I had to hand off my mic to him. And I wanted to make sure it was a clean mic both in the giving and the receiving. We just sing songs that are on Christian radio so I don’t have a signature tune. If it’s on the radio and it has a harmony, I can do it.


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