Why I Hate Cliffs

I don’t understand people who enjoy cliffs. I don’t get it. I need Wide. Open. Spaces. A place to breathe. This cliff is like a skyscraper all up in your face, forcing you to crane your neck like a tourist in NYC. As Debra Winger said in Urban Cowboy, “For-GIT it!”

Nat Geo Jan ’68

The pic is actually the US of A on the left and Mexico on the right. Pretty much looks like there already IS a wall, with that whopping slab of 1500 ft high limestone in Santa Elena Canyon. Nothing about that two-day Rio Grande float those folks are on looks appealing to me in the SLIGHT-est.

Here’s a more modern-day image of the same canyon.


Still looks terrifying and creepy and like all the weight of that limestone is gonna come crumbling, tumbling down upon those fragile little canoes.


Forgit it.

11 thoughts on “Why I Hate Cliffs”

      1. Yeah, stay away from those ledges. I’ve developed acrophobia in my old age, if that’s the word. How about the Grand Canyon? They have railings up on top. 🙂

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      2. No, no, no. That’s just a scary pit. I saw Chevy Chase look at in “Vacation,” and he didn’t seem that impressed, so I’ll take his word on that one.


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