Cards At The Esquivel Home

1953 Comet
1953 Comet

I purchased a yearbook this weekend at an estate sale and discovered that the owner had written words all over the images.

For example, this junior student was not only ugly, but “Granny Ugly.” Several girls held that distinguished title.


This boy with glasses was labeled blind, as were about a half dozen other boys.


Blind to what, I wonder? Her charms?

It may not be an insult today, but this gal was “Skinny Bones.”


But lest you think she had no kind words to ink her page, she did find Judy the pretty one here.


Or maybe it was Judy’s yearbook?


8 thoughts on “Cards At The Esquivel Home”

  1. Oh how I remember those rabbit ears. No matter how you would adjust them you always ended up with aluminum foil on them. On a more somber note I am always amazed at the stuff people feel comfortable to get rid of.

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  2. Yeah, it was Judy’s yearbook. Meanie pants. Mean Girls wasn’t a movie yet (or even a book), so she didn’t know how dangerous it can be to be a literary bully.

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