Fingernail Check 1920

Univ of Louisville
Univ of Louisville

In the 1920s, school concerned not only academics, but deportment and grooming as well.



  1. Oh the dreaded finger nail check. I know I am in the minority but I think good grooming should be part of the curriculum in schools. On a side note. True story. When I started Kindergarten my 2 older sisters convinced me that I need my fingernails painted,and they did. It is amazing I didn’t need therapy.

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    • I demand to know what color! You know they make KFC-flavored fingernail polish in Hong Kong now? It’s edible, and I’m pretty certain there’s a dude in the commercial. You were ahead of your time.

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      • Oh it was Red. I tried to hide my hands but some girl in my class busted me and told the teacher and the entire class about it. Boy I wish that stuff tasted like fried chicken.


  2. Though preferabley this is a parent task, our teachers are our childrens caretakers these day and hygiene is a good thing to learn, if not taught in school, a lot of kids would have no social teaching at all.

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  3. I barely remember this Kerbey. I can recall teahers looking at both sides of my hands, buy I don’t know if they were looking at fingernails too.


  4. We moved a lot when I was young. One of the elementary schools I attended had desks just like that. I do remember having my hands check, but not the fingernails.

    The bigger trauma was Junior High School when we were graded on showering. When my high school friend’s and I get together it invariably comes up.

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