Heels To The Laundrette

Herald Sun 1966
Herald Sun 1966

At first glance, one might find pity on this older woman at the laundromat (we call it washateria in the lower states), and in Australia (where she was) it’s the laundrette. Note how she has put herself together to visit this place of convenience: heels, floral dress, and cardigan. Nothing like the flip-flops and jean shorts one sees today.

10 thoughts on “Heels To The Laundrette

  1. the woman looks to be in her early 60’s and the pic was taken in ’66 , so she would have been born a bit after 1900. My Nan was born in 1900 (she passed away in 1992 after living in the same house all her life until the last week she spent in hospital). She always dressed exactly like that – a floral print dress with low heels and a sweater – usually knitted. The dress she would have made herself until about 1960. Except for gifts, she always made all her sweaters up until the day she passed. Nan always had her knitting bag with her and she would sit and chat or listen to the radio while she knitted. She would not think about going out unless she had dressed carefully and put on her heels and make up and did her hair. And she absolutely loved going for drives in the car.You could load her up and go anywhere and she would be happy. We used to take her on vacation and she was awesome – we went to Virginia, New York, Boston (visiting each), Toronto, Montreal, etc. Just sit her in the back seat, give her the occasionally cup of tea and she was content. When I was young, we had a station wagon and my parents had the front seats,Nan had the rear seat and my friend and I owned the rear of the station wagon. We pulled a travel trailer (and later rented motor homes)and all the luggage would be in there.

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