Not What You Think


Why is Kerbey posting nipple-less breasts? That’s not like her. No, but WWII is totally like me! Did you know that over 60 million people were killed in WWII (about 3% of the 2.3 billion 1940 world population)? And 7 million of those casualties were in factories and defense plants in the U.S. Can you imagine?

In response to the casualties, a plant in Los Angeles mounted a safety campaign to protect its many female workers. On the left, you see the goggles. On the right is the protective bra. Cumbersome much? Did they make them in many sizes? I wonder how many chest injuries actually occurred. It makes you wonder how much training unskilled workers received before getting their feet wet, so to speak.

8 thoughts on “Not What You Think

    1. That’s what Time LIFE said in the book. says “The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that each year between 1942 and 1945 there were some two million disabling or deadly industrial accidents, a total of more than six million.” How have we never heard of that? We hear about 6 million Jews being murdered, and the # is overwhelming, but so is this. All of them, wasted deaths.

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      1. The only thing I can figure was they contained the info because the Axis would have used it for propaganda. Look how many sloppy Americans died in industry but the superior German/ Japanese workers have no loss of life. etc. etc.

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      2. Same here. My Dad was in the War but he never talked about it at all so I don’t know if any of his non-military buds had any accidents in factories. But his buds who didn’t go were on the Rail Road so I have no point to add. Except to agree with you. It is ODD.

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