10 thoughts on “January Cows”

      1. Yes, as far as the eye can see of mostly scrubby mesquite trees and dry land. I think I would fancy it more if it had tall trees and less carcasses strewn across the prairie, but it’s fun to see the cattle, horses (I always yell “Warhorse!”), deer, armadillo, etc. I’m not a ranch girl, though. I need restaurants and good coffee and dust not kicking up on everything. Do you like ranchland?


      2. Probably not that much ranchland. I like to get back to nature when I can though, no matter what form that takes. If it’s mountainous, I’ll go hiking. If it’s flat, I’ll toss around a football with some people.

        I’ve never seen an armadillo in its natural habitat. Adding that to the bucket list now.

        I was born near LA, but from age 2-11 I was raised in a little Canadian farming town called Penticton. My immediate neighbors worked in industry, but each yard had a few cherry trees, which was a lot of fun for us as kiddos. If we walked one street further, we could get to apple orchards and things like that. So I definitely have a fondness for spacious terrain.

        But I’m with you… I am much happier with restaurants, coffee, heating and air conditioning. It’s just easier that way 🙂

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      3. Mountains give me the heebeejeebs. Make me feel closed in. Ooh, Penticton is fun to say! Now, cherry trees, that sounds nice. Hills, streams, green grass, that’s what I like. Did you eat the cherries ever? My dad used to live in Albuquerque and they would use the fruit as ammunition in wars with each other.

        Oh, and it’s only 5K acres. I was wrong. It seems so vast to me… I’ll try to keep it straight now.


      4. Yes! All the time! Maybe not all the time. but I remember eating the cherries frequently more than one occasion. It was cool sitting up in the trees, eating the cherries, and then competing with my friends (one of whom became a world champion triathlete) to see if we could spit the pits at some target on the ground. Kid things.

        And 5K vs 10K acres…. those both fit under my mental definition of “huge ranches”

        Do you feel closed in when you’re next to the mountains, or on top of them? Or both?


      5. I like wide open spaces, so if all around me are mountains, it feels confining. Plus, mountains are too hard to climb (why would I need to do that?) and they are cold at the top. Hills are soft and easy and warm. Just driving through Denver, CO years ago made me nauseated, so wonky and winding. It was pretty, yes. Driving to the top and seeing the vistas was nice, but not something I would want to climb.


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