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Future Homemakers Of America

Gladiator 1957
Gladiator 1957

I present to you the FHA of Italy High School. Not that Italy. The button-nosed one covering up the last syllable of America is so cute, I could eat her up.

Per www.vintagekidstuff.com, both the Future Homemakers of America  and the New Homemakers of America (NHA) officially began in June of 1945, working to combine and unify hundreds of home economic clubs in high schools across the US. Boys were allowed to join during the mid-1970s, although why they would want to, I do not know. Perhaps they wanted to promote international good will, as #5 suggests.


But back in 1957, the only purpose a male served was as a manly mascot, the “beau” of the association. I wonder what he did to earn that title?


There he is, jeans cuffed, center stage. Like a shepherd with his sheep. Way to go, Jerry!

If there was an FHA (or even a Home Economics class) in my high school, I was not aware of it. As I only wanted to go to dance clubs and hear trendy tunes, learning to make a home was not my top priority. Little did I know, all I would be making in my 40s was a home. I’ve done dishes, laundry, folding, prescription pick-ups, and bill-paying this morning, and the chicken is defrosting in the sink. And that’s fine. It sure beats working in a fluorescent-lit cubicle.


How about you? Did you ever take Home Ec or join the FHA? Do you do all your own housework? I guess everyone who lives alone is a homemaker.

20 thoughts on “Future Homemakers Of America”

  1. Well. In grade school I had to take Industrial Arts. That great class that taught me to make plastic rings and bird cages. In High School I was considered too “smart” to learn how to do anything with my hands. I see nothing wrong with the FHA. I may be wrong.

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  2. Do you really wonder why boys would interested in FHA? I’m pretty sure that for most of them it was because they were surrounded by girls. Sadly, that came after my time. I believe my sister was a member, but then, she was a joiner.

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  3. I live alone but I am a pretty terrible homemaker! We didn’t have home ec at my high school but we did have textiles and design (sewing) and food technology (cooking). In our junior years of high school we did design and technology, which covered a whole lot of stuff including woodwork, which was tonnes of fun!

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  4. I see June Cleaver in the second row from the bottom, Kerbey~ in the middle! Well, we know she was a great housekeeper, no dust bunnies or burnt food at her home! This made me laugh with their lofty goals.

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