It’s The Climb

11 thoughts on “It’s The Climb

  1. Ha! My last boss lived in a rural area but in a house with little land. A friend gave him two goats and asked him to take care of them. He had no clue. So, the goats ate all the plants in his garden, they ate the cable for his cable tv. they ate the supports from under his deck. The way he told the story, he came home one day and the goats were on top of his other car and had eaten the windshield wipers and all the trim. They had dented and scratched the car as they stood on top. This was the final straw and he grabbed them and hog tied them and drove down the road to a neighbor’s farm and threw the hog-tied goats over the fence into a pasture. He went home and called the neighbor and told him the goats were his to keep. Ha!

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    • A small studio home my hub and I rented for one night. The goats were down the same country road. BTW, they raise goats on my in-laws’s ranch, some of the biggest in the country. They will trample each other to death; they don’t care. Cute but noisy things.

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