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Other Brilliant Ideas

photo credit:Daniel Byram
photo credit:Daniel Byram

The University of Texas Phi Delta Theta fraternity denied imitating the then-popular Late Night With David Letterman habit of dropping stuff of the Ed Sullivan Theater, asserting that their annual “Round-Up Roof Extravaganza” began prior to the show’s first air date. Earlier drops included eggs and melons, then televisions and microwaves, and finally (as seen in this 1987 image) a motorcycle. I guess they weren’t familiar with collateral damage?

10 thoughts on “Other Brilliant Ideas”

    1. As Evel said once, “Where there is little risk, there is little reward.” I guess the reward is that boys like destruction. And setting things on fire. I prefer watching The Today Show makeovers, but whatever floats your drunk frat boat, eh?

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  1. Ahhh, the antics of the young. I went to Dalhousie in Halifax and those sorts of things went on all the time. There was a residence tower that was the tallest building on campus at about 30 stories (the university had bought out a developer who went bankrupt and then finished the tower) It had balconies in many of the units – a mistake for a residence. On a Friday and Saturday night, it was worth your life to walk in the plaza below the balconies. More furniture and other objects flew off those balconies during drinking parties, than you could imagine. You really haven’t lived until you’ve seen a couch hit a concrete plaza from 30 stories up. It truly is an amazing sight. I am normally a relatively law abiding citizen and was a nerd as a student – and it fascinated me. We just called it a physics experiment in materials strength. Ha! Although I must confess that we never did try a motor cycle – we were a poor group of students. Used couches were available for free but even non-working motorcycles cost money. The university frowned upon these experiments – as I am sure you can imagine. At first they threatened to expel anyone caught throwing things off the balconies. But they soon realized the futility of trying to determine which balcony a given experiment originated from. They eventually just roped off the landing zone and cleaned up on Mondays. Meanwhile they gradually made the balconies inaccessible starting from the top floors down. After about a year they had sealed off every balcony. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. 😀

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    1. This is clearly a testosterone thing. No wonder there are no patios in dorm buildings. I thought it was just to prevent suicidal students from flinging themselves over, but it also prevents couches. And did you boys never think about donating said items to Goodwill? Or what if you hit a person below? Boys!!


      1. It may have been the boys who did the tossing but the girls were the first ones to egg us on – daring us to throw things. Don’t be giving me none of your sexist attitude – you instigator you. ha! 😀 .

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