9 thoughts on “Final Phase Of WWI: Germans Retreat”

  1. Excellent quality for 100 years old Kerbey. It looks so natural, like a moment in the life – when you know that in 1918 taking a picture was a complex and time consuming procedure. The officer’s face is so compelling. You can see the fatigue but layered over it is determination and intelligence. You can see his life before the war in the set of his mouth and the exrpession of his face – he was a man used to responsibility, a man who took his job seriously — like a bank manager or the manager of a industrial plant, he was used to people depending on him and he would do his very best to never let them down. It was a matter of principle for him that he do the right thing regardless of the cost.

    That pic really says so much Kerbey – it deserves to be framed and hung somewhere that it can be seen and enjoyed.

    Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

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      1. It is the quality of the pictures and the photographer – when a pic is well done it is as if the viewer can step through the camera and stand in the scene.

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      2. And I feel like so much is compromised if I shrunk any of these pics down to a lower resolution. I like to keep them large enough that you can step inside.

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