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Before Hitchhiking Got You Murdered


Actually, no one car could pick up all of those hitchhiking girls at one time. They’d need a caravan–or just a van in general.

Well, however and wherever they wound up, they were still alive in the morning. Look how refreshed and alert these early risers are.


TGIF, y’all. TGIF.


8 thoughts on “Before Hitchhiking Got You Murdered”

  1. You know that car was built of steel. Any car built in the last 20 years or so would buckle and dent with all those ladies on it. I bet these lovely little pranksters got a stern talking to from Ma & Pa when they got a load of those pictures. Out side in public in your PJs. What were you thinking?

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  2. I think we used to fit more than this in my girlfriend’s old VW! We used to joke it was like a car full of clowns when we got out. Mainly we were young and didn’t mind sitting on each other’s laps. ha ha!

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