22 thoughts on “Highway Wildflowers

  1. Gorgeous Kerbey. If only all roadsides could look like that. It is funny, our DOT experiments with planting wildflowers (somehow that seems to be an oxymoron – “planting” “wild” flowers) alongside highways. they put up big signs “Do not pick the Wild Flowers” ha!

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    1. I guess it is an oxymoron. Maybe it should say “indigenous flowers” but that doesn’t have the same ring to it. We’re not allowed to pick bluebonnets here, but the others are a free-for-all. Of course, those yesterday were accompanied by scads of gnats, hovering near our arms and up our sleeves, so it wasn’t all fabulous!


  2. These shots are beautiful. They are reminiscent of Monet and Renoir. and that one with you is by far the most charming. Hair golden in the Texas sun in a field of flowers. Material for a poem, or a song.

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