11 thoughts on “Serious Birth Control

  1. So cool. Ha! did you know that sponges can and do change their sexuality in order to increase likely hood of reproduction? When they join a community of sponges, they will determine (likely through pheromones) whether there are more males or females and then will change their sexuality to match whatever sex there is the least of. Some years ago there was a fringe group here in Canada who expressed concern the Sponge Bob Square Pants was such a popular children’s character because they worried the changing sexuality of sponges could cause gender confusion in children when they found out about the sexuality of sponges. They were laughed out of existence. ha!

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    1. You remind me of that old joke with Will Ferrell. In response to a girl saying all men were pigs, he declares, “Well, you didn’t have to try ALL OF THEM!”


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