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Dabbler O’ Dingle

Sep 1932, Spur magazine
Sep 1932, Spur magazine

I tell you what–if this O’Dingle were a human being, he’d surely have a spot for him in the Blog of Funny Names tout de suite. However, he is only a stubby-legged dog, long dead and gone. Which would you prefer as your pet–the schnauzer or this chow chow? Don’t forget how ill-tempered chows can be.



12 thoughts on “Dabbler O’ Dingle”

  1. Dabbler O’Dingle and King Grumpy in one dog post. You are the BoFN champ even in your own tout suite, Kerbey. Happy St. Patricks day with your lovely light green background! Now, dear friend, what the heck is a tout suite?

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  2. Which dog? That is a tough call. On one hand a short legged one that would take all day to walk a block. On the other hand, one that could be used as a child ride;or a body guard. I think the Chow might fit my image better. You know, sitting on a porch telling kids to get off the lawn.

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