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It’s Raining Grammar On National Grammar Day

We’re not used to witnessing actual precipitation in central Texas, but it appears that today’s brief-lived 72 degrees, which is dropping to 31 as I type, has brought with it some rain. They hardly look like raindrops, though. More like dashes and hyphens.

March2015 017

Odd, isn’t it?


 It almost looks like staples.

March2015 015


20 thoughts on “It’s Raining Grammar On National Grammar Day”

    1. It went 30s, 30s, 30s, 70s for a few hours, now 30s for the next week with a “winter advisory” in effect right now. I did see I-94 I think on the news today, closed down from snow or accidents. Are you near that?


      1. yep, that’s us. Maybe. Unless it’s the same highway in Iowa or North Dakota. Might have been closed down yesterday, but not bad at least in the metro area today. At least you’ll get the 70s. Will be waiting for late June to experience that here.


      2. They said Minnesota. They showed some bad pile-ups. Ice is the devil! Well, it already dropped into the 40s now. We only had it a few hours. But it was nice! It would be a good cold night for a cheese souffle!


  1. Great title and pics. You are so clever. If I could I would trade some of our snow for some of your 40 degrees;or higher. A cheese souffle sounds nice. Were the rain hyphens hard when they hit?

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    1. Thanks! Yes,they were hard hyphens! It didn’t last long, and now the front has come in, and it’s freezing and feels chilly to my bones in the house. Ice should arrive by 10pm, and they just cancelled school for all nearby school districts. Can you hear the children rejoicing?

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