Jerry O’Connell: Up-To-Date On Immunizations

some dude in 1967, before Jerry was born

Oh, come on. You remember Jerry. The kid with the buzz cut in Stand By Me.


In that pic, he actually looks pretty fit by today’s standards. It was probably just those horizontal stripes that gave him swell factor. Anyhoo, he’s all growed up now, just turned 41 last Tuesday, with full, dark eyebrows that make him look like an angry Thundercat.

He and former model Rebecca Romijn have twin girls with smile-inducing names: Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip, named after Ms. Parton and Jerry’s nearly-identical brother, respectively. How cute are they?

Although Jerry and Rebecca were married in 2007, she told Conan O’Brien that she was “too lazy to go to the DMV” to change her current legal name of “Romijn-Stamos” on her driver’s license, from her prior marriage to Full House‘s Uncle Jesse. Here they are with part of Judy Garland’s daughter’s boob.

Honestly, Rebecca–it’s been nearly 8 years. That’s one of my pet peeves, people not changing their drivers’ license information asap. I hit the DMV the day I got back from my honeymoon. Gotta sever those strings, honey. Even to a hunky half-Grecian.

14 thoughts on “Jerry O’Connell: Up-To-Date On Immunizations”

  1. that’s an incredible likeness in the top photo. And he has cutie pie daughters with most certainly smile-inducing names. 😀 😀 See, I smiled. Twice, once for each girl. Do I sense a BoFN post developing?


    1. THANK YOU for having the gift to see the likeness. Honey, lemme tell ya: from Rebecca’s father, Jaap Romijn, to her ex John Stamatopoulos, I had BoFN on my brain fo sho. But none of these can compete with Elephant Cutterbutter or whatever it is today. 🙂


  2. As much as I hate to one up Rebecca, it took me 16 years before I changed my name on my social security card to my married name. And only because the IRS said they were going to stop giving me my refunds. 😀

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  3. I recognize that guy. He plays(played) in some sort of TV drama. Didn’t he? Don’t remember the name. He certainly grew up well;didn’t he. I like your yellow background. It looks a bit like a Cliff Note.

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  4. That black and white dude does look like Jerry, who’s been on plenty of failed TV shows, Kerbey. And I agree, it’s one thing to not want to take your new hubby’s name, its quite another to be too lazy to lop off your divorced hubby’s! Shame on you, Becky. You deserve an old Liza boob.

    Here’s a name story for you, Kerbey. My dear wife Karen is Karen Marietta Miner Miller Bialczak. I told her she married me because I finally gave her the l, c and z.

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