19 thoughts on “Carcass: It’s What’s For Dinner”

  1. I used to haul meat in various forms – swinging beef (what you have pictured) is the most challenging. The sides are secured to the trailer ceiling by big steel hooks mounted in the ceiling -and the sides are llowed to swing as you drive. Take one corner too fast and you are toast, I eye them with distrust.

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    1. I guess swinging meat would have some momentum to it. But I bet the smell made it worthwhile! Oh, wait–you’re in Canada. It doesn’t get sweltering hot, does it?


      1. It can get pretty hot here in the summer .We typically have at least a month of temps over 80 but there are years that we do not hit 100. Some years we may have a day or two of 100 but that is not common. I usually hauled a reefer trailer anyway (refrigerated) – so temp wasn’t a big issue. but i know the smell, believe me. Back when cod was still being fished, they used a lot of trawlers. A trawler is a fishing boat that hauls huge nets (trawl nets) behind it in the water to scoop up the fish. the perimeter of the net is steel cable to hold the net open and stiff (they also place huge rouded steel “wings” on either side to also kep the net open – trawl doors. Anyway, the steel cable around the perimeter would often rub on the ocean floor while being hauled (as cod prefer shallower water where they feed) and would wear outwhile rubbingon rocks. In order to stop this the trawlers would wrap the bottom cable in raw hides. Sooooo, we had the wonderful job of hauling raw untanned and untreated beef hides from new York to Newfoundland. There were still scraps of the cow attahed to the insides and they stank like nothng I had ever smelled in mylife. Just getting close to the truck would be enough to make some people vomit (literally). We used to run the reefer as cold as it would go (about -25) but the smell was still unbearable when you stopped. And blood and gore dripped out of the drain holes in the trailer all the way from NYC to NFLD.

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      2. First: OMGosh ew. Second: a reefer trailer presumably is a trailer full of marijuana, but this cannot be the case. You must have gotten nauseated and lost weight from vomiting, smelling that cow scrap. It would turn me vegetarian. I swear, Paul, you are a walking encyclopedia.

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      1. I don’t know. Ya think it was winter and they went down to the river and brought back chunks of ice? How could they sell that meat fast enough before it rotted? I wonder if they ate owl…


  2. what odd shots all around. Maybe not for back in the day, but the guys looks so strange all duded up and formal against the hanging raw meat. Butcher shops look different nowadays. The health code violations in those photos are many.

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