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22 thoughts on “McClard’s”

      1. Right? And so often when they DO (at least here), the prices have increased on the paper menu. When I alert them to the fact, they still charge me the higher price. A 6 yr old can update menu prices online these days.

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    1. Well, it’s been around longer than we have, that’s for sure: In 1928, Alex and Alice McClard ran a tourist court, gas station and a diner that served up barbecued goat. When a traveler stayed with them and couldn’t pay his bill, the traveler offered up a secret recipe for “the world’s greatest hot sauce,” They took the recipe and played with it and soon the barbecue business became bigger than the gas station.

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  1. That building says 1963 in 2015, Kerbey. Excellent reporting to keep up your style. I bet the inside picnic tables are covered in red and white plaid plastic tablecloth and that barbecuse is served in red plastic buckets. You gotta go back when the joint is open and tell us about it. Cornbread!

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  2. Nice Kerbey. I love BBQ and southern BBQ is the world’s best. When I was trucking down there, I used to sniff out the best BBQ joints and stuff my face. You can’t get anything as awesome up here – although here in Ottawa we have a rib fest down on Sparks Street Mall – which is a 1900’s area they close and make a pedecrian mall for celebrations. Many competitors from the south come here on the circuit and we get to taste their stuff then.

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  3. sorry it was closed. Looks Authentic. Not bbq, but donut story–somewhat similar: Visiting Grand Marais, a waterfront town in northern Minnesota. Popular with tourists. And they have a shop called World’s Best Donuts or some such thing and they are reviewed as truly having the world’s best donuts. So we drive up one day–about 3 hours north of where we were already vacationing. Not just for the donuts–wanted the scenery. But darned if that donut shop wasn’t closed. Arrrgh. We had to turn around and get back to our campsite and not enough time to return that trip. But one day, the world’s best donut will be mine.

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