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Peppy Miss Young


Is it me or does it look like a burly man is squeezing her from behind? I guess it’s a sleeve-related optical illusion. 


20 thoughts on “Peppy Miss Young”

  1. She does look very peppy, and being squeezed would make you peppy, so I agree with your hypothesis. (How nerdy…scientists don’t use “Theory” unless there’s a lot more evidence) I also like how they needed to hyphenate “sponsor” even though the picture was twice as wide as the caption!

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  2. oh the editing here: she is the “spon-sor”? Could we not break after “the”? Crimeny. Ms. Young has multiple problems. From top to bottom, I’d start with the hair. Perhaps she knows Rhonda from Office Practice Class?

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    1. LOL. You made me laugh like a bowl full of jelly. Who uses a bowl full of jelly? Isn’t a jar good enough? It makes me say it “spawn sore” and that’s the last thing Natalie Green from Facts of Life needs.


  3. I’m with Musclehead. I would add that the “being squeezed” optical illusion likely comes from the fact that her biceps have split her sleeves so that the sleeves go in one direction while the arms go in another.

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