Speak Up, Sonny

Ranch Day1 012We visited a fluffle of bunnies (yes, the term is fluffle) during the holiday, and this one was the most interactive.

Others were shy, like this guy.

Ranch Day1 021But not Max, Jr. He was ripe for a nibble of vegetation.

Ranch Day1 013

And even a rabbit pellet for dessert.

Ranch Day1 029

Did you ever see a cuter black-nosed, red-eyed bunny?


10 thoughts on “Speak Up, Sonny”

  1. what is it with bunnies and kids? My girls still talk about the caged bunnies (though not enough to make a fluffle, I am sure) they hung with on a camping trip three years ago. You found some cute ones. Tell me more about that head-held camera. Wowza.

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    1. Oh, that was my son’s biggest and brightest gift: a GoPro camera with all the fixins! The accessories let you wear it on your head, on a vest, on your bike…I’m sure he’ll make some videos with it…


  2. Yeah, Max Jr. is pretty dang sociable. I don’t want to hear the words dinner, pate or entree around that guy, Benson and Kerbey. I will march over there and cause a kerfuffle.

    That is one heck of a head-high picture-taking device you gifted kiddo, Kerbey. Lucky boy. I want to see some blog efforts from a borrowing mom a few months down the line, maybe?

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