A Load Of Malarky

The precious ginger child in her Little House on the Prairie ensemble

There are times in your life when you become aware of what seems like it should be such common knowledge, that you are embarrassed it took you this long to know it. You question your upbringing, your education, your ability to retain facts. Such a thing happened to me today, when I learned that Amy Carter, daughter of President Jimmy Carter, had a cat named Misty Malarky Ying Yang.

Being several years younger than Miss Carter, it is forgivable that I did not know this. But how have 40 years passed wherein this has not worked its way into conversation? Why don’t people make reference to such a delightful moniker?


It’s true. While in the White House, Amy (who turns 47 today) had a we-are-Siamese-if-you-please kitty cat named Misty Malarky Ying Yang. Ying Yang was the last cat to occupy the White House until the Clintons’ Socks, because only a liberal would be willing to feed and house such an arrogant, ungrateful creature. Just kidding.

So happy birthday, Four Eyes! Yes, Ying Yang looks positively thrilled to be in your arms.


18 thoughts on “A Load Of Malarky

  1. Well it could be because it is Carter. Lots of folks would like to forget him. Me and probably everyone who voted for him. I do vaguely remember some sort of feline in the White House at the time. Have you seen any current pics of Miss Amy?


  2. Wait, the guy they named Billy Beer after had a brother named Jimmy? And he became president of our country? And had a daughter named Amy? Who had a cat named Misty Malarky Ying Yang? Thanks for the southern lessons, Kerbey.


  3. I have not given a whit of thought to Amy Carter since maybe 37 years ago or so. Did not know she had a cat. I do have a cat, so now I am to be stereotyped? Though I will offer that my husband does the cat care. Not sure why I like my cat, but it seems I do. Happy Belated Birthday, Amy.


    1. Oh, Liz, I don’t hate all cats. Just mostly the fat orange one that chides our dogs and makes poo in our yard and is the devil in an orange dress of this neighborhood. Anyway, you could never top the half Asian naming of Amy’s cat.


      1. ha, ours came home from the Humane Society named Sweetness and I begged the girls to change such a stupid name. They did not, so our cat is called Sweetness though I call her cat. She is a good cat. Very sweet. Orange, but kind. I feel a kinship with Cat because we both like naps and like to be left alone except for when we don’t.

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