Little Buds

If you look very closely, you can see the little buds on our vitex tree. Soon it will be covered with purple cone blossoms.

Springing 005

And the cottonwood tree, which was bare last week, is moving full speed ahead! Look at her go!

Springing 004

But that stubborn fig tree still thinks it’s winter. He poked me hard in the back when I was mowing last week, and I still have a bruise to show for it. I should cut a wide swath around him next time.

Springing 001

8 thoughts on “Little Buds

    1. To be fair, we planted rye grass in winter, so most of the neighbor’s yards are still brown hay. Rye gets bushy quickly! I hope your snow melts soon…


  1. Mowing? We had snow yesterday and it is cold today. But at least there is no snow on the ground. So everything will work out. Does your fig tree produce figs? And what is a vitex tree?


    1. I have to mow again today bc it keeps growing. I’m sorry it’s cold up there. It’s been cold here, too, but then we hit 80 yesterday. ?? But we still run the heat at night and have been wearing jackets. Yes, the fig tree made lots of figs last year, and its leaves are as big as skillets, plenty to cover all of Adam and Eve. You can smell the figs when you walk outside in summer. But the birds like to peck away at them, too. Vitex is like a big bush about 8 ft tall. Here are some pics from last September:


  2. There are a few small buds on the trees around here, but it’s still too cold for the grass to grow. I’ve been able to chip away at some of the yard projects before the bugs resume their activities for the year. I have the gravel and stone of a deck and pool that I want removed in order to lay down new grass. There’s always something to do outside!


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