10 thoughts on “Bacon For The Brownies

  1. Bacon. Truly a gift from pigs, a most noble beast. The title of your post made me think it was a post about bacon in brownies (please-please), or about bacon for Brownies. You know the group of girls that run around in funny little hats. But I’ll settle for a sweet shot of bacon frying in a pan. Nice skillet by the way.


    1. It IS for brownies! I diced them up and put them in my son’s dark chocolate brownies to take to school today for his birthday. I told him to let the kids know they are not kosher.


      1. When this came out, a neighborhood teen would bring a jambox on the school bus and instead of “rock” the casbah, they would say F the casbah. I imagine that happened on many buses throughout the land. I see this is not an Orthodox Jewish video.


  2. a food post! Fantastico. Though I see you still ended up with a blast-from-the-past video, not even of your own doing. Maybe today is the day that Key Largo will be replaced. Funny how I loved singing along to the song (not with the F-word, not me) though had no idea what a Casbah was. Winchell’s Donut sign alert. Had forgotten about those. Great example of why ’80s music was so much fun–this video makes no sense, but it’s awesome. A bacon brownie (or two) and my Friday needs are met 😀 Thanks, K!


    1. Yeah, where did Winchell’s go? They used to be a big deal. Dunkin drove them out. We used to also have both Pizza Hut and Pizza Inn, and now I see no Pizza Inn. I sent the boy off with his brownies, bought two helium balloons and a big birthday cookie and had to remind the lady to write a comma after “birthday” bc grammar is important, and now I have to make a pitcher of lemonade. Oh, that’s a lyric for you, “And the children drank lemonade. And the morning lasted all day, all day.” Key Largo, be gone!


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