Dog Park, Part II

Dog Park 021Yesterday, after a second service sermon (oh, how my pastor would love that alliteration) and a meal of brisket, beans, and cole slaw, we took advantage of the 77 degree weather (which has now–as per the usual winter inconsistency–become 44 and will become 18 this evening–honestly, it’s like living in a BIPOLAR vortex) and took our two dogs to the nearby dog park.

While we were there, we noticed an enormous black monster truck of a dog. It didn’t run; it galloped. Furthermore, it lacked any clear features. It was in essence, a big black furry blur. At first, I thought it might be Obama’s Portuguese Water Dog, Sunny, but it was too large. After consulting with my canophilist friend, Lisa, we determined it was in fact a Jacqueline Kennedy Bouvier Des Flandres. And while neither the Kennedys nor the Obamas possessed such a breed, the Reagans did.

Nancy Reagan aptly wrote that the dog grew to be the “size of a pony.”

They named their dog Lucky, like “Get Lucky,” the song that won both album and record of the year last night at The Grammys. While we’re at it, I wonder how long they’ll continue to use those terms: album and record, especially when an entire generation has never touched an actual vinyl record. Or cassette. And they don’t play CDs. Anway, back to behemoth dog…This was what we saw:

Dog Park 036

He sniffed around.

Dog Park 034

He led the chase.

Dog Park 046

He tried to use his size to bully others, but he got back whatever he gave.

Dog Park 035These dogs managed to get him balled up like a circus bear.

Dog Park 060He made a grand exit when he finally departed, and a sense of loss filled the park. Five seconds later, the dogs began molesting each other again.

Dog Park 052

6 thoughts on “Dog Park, Part II

  1. Dog park dynamics are funny. Our medium sized terrier always wants to play with the big guys. You know, the ones that could bite him in half in a heart beat. He tries to hump them all, male or female and god help anyone who tries to steal his ball, but if you ignore the ball he loses interest.
    Ruth from At home on the Road


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