9 thoughts on “Gliddy Gloop Gloopy is not Hang On, Sloopy”

  1. Oh, I loved, loved, loved this song! Still do. I never saw “Hair” but heard all the music. This one reminds me of the summer of 1969, when I was 19 and working as a camp counselor in Bloomingdale, NJ, just a stone’s throw from NYC. My first time alone away from my Kansas home and family. Though the words were sort of silly, the song always made me happy. It was like watching a perfect sunrise, and the world was full of love and endless possibilities.


  2. No, not of that song in particular and it wasn’t because of the age gap. I’ve got memories attached to plenty of songs before my time. For example, Arlo Guthrie’s cover of “The City of New Orleans” accompanied me on a long stretch of I-77 out of Charlotte back to Ohio after I lost my job in ’09. Just me and Arlo, doin’ rails of asphalt.


    1. That’s another good one; it’s on my Singer/Songwriter CD. I wasn’t alive in ’69 for GM Starshine, but there are Oldies Stations LOL. So how many states have you lived in then?


      1. I’ve only lived in three (Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina), but I’ve been to far more to survey the land. I’ve even been to the great state of Texas a couple of years ago. I saw the difference between Austin and the rest of the state, had some Frito pie, and listened to a Mariachi band perform at the capitol building. It was a different way of living.


    1. Other people have made that John Denver connection as well. I’ve heard of The Cowsills, but I don’t know this song. You would need a whole group of people to sing it.


  3. I most certainly do remember that tune. I always thought it was a silly piece of Bubble Gum music. I saw 2 different productions of Hair and thought this was the weakest song in the whole production. I think Tommy, before Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar, after had better music. Hell the lyrics made no sense even when you were stoned. I mean: Gliddy Gloop. Come on. I must say you do have a knack for finding the obscure. Keep on truckin’.


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