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Dillo Dangerously Dodges Death

What a lovely day!


Whatever this is, it’s blooming.  The sun is shining.


When what to my wandering eyes should appear, but a leprosy-carrying varmint!


Run, critter, run!


That armor won’t protect you from…uh-oh.


Looks like Buck is in it to win it.  You best hightail it!


Yes!  Forget Chicken Soup for the Soul; we’re having armadillo stew for dinner tonight, folks!


Would that taste better with Old Bay or Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning?


Oh, snap!  Escaped into the pile of used tires again!  Better luck next time, old boy.


13 thoughts on “Dillo Dangerously Dodges Death”

  1. Holy cow. U really have those things there just roaming around? They are smaller than I thought, too. Are they really varmint and do they really carry disease etc?


    1. That’s actually at my in-law’s ranch, but yes, armadillos are everywhere in Texas (mostly dead and turned upsidedown on the highway). You are one to talk, living w/ the most deadly creatures in your country!! Yes, many armadillos DO carry leprosy, so don’t touch them. I wouldn’t mind 15 pounds falling off me, but not an arm or a leg.


      1. Haha I was more likening it to kangaroos hopping around everywhere. Does anyone have any pet armidillos? Like, ones that don’t carry leprosy?


      2. Not that I’ve ever heard of. I’ve never gotten that close to one. That one in the pic was a baby. They can get much larger, but they don’t attack. Nobody eats them, either.


  2. Armadillo by morning; Armadillo on my mind. Many years ago when I lived in Old Mexico I came across people that did indeed hunt, kill and eat Armadillo. YECH! Why did you change your Gravatar? Signed: Curious


    1. You do a lovely George Strait. Really, they ATE what could potentially have disease?? Oh, well, I was a baked potato when I started in December for a few months, and then the little Injun girl, but I’m feeling bacon bitty lately, so I needed a change. Sometimes you have the visor, and sometimes you are Nixon!


      1. Yep. The people in that area also eat cooked bugs. They must think it’s the 16th century. I also am Reagan on one of my mail addresses. Were I not so vain I would have a recent picture of myself. And who doesn’t feel a little “bacon bitty” from time to time. Change. I can dig it.


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