8 thoughts on “Superfly Media Pie Chart

  1. Just a very polite suggestion – can you make this pie chart change faster? I know lots of people would love to see this, but maybe they won’t pause long enough to realize it is a great (slow changing) timeline. Just a bit of feedback – I enjoyed it very much – perhaps other people don’t have the delay I did and they will see it at a glance!


    1. I didn’t make it; it’s from the website at the bottom of the pic. I can see it move quickly on my end. I’m sorry; I wish I could speed it up for you! At least it won’t take the full 30 years to watch…:)


  2. What a great and fun chart. I am proud to admit that I am of the vinyl generation. I bypassed 8 track and only added cassettes to my vinyls when you were able to get cassette players in cars. I lost all my vinyl and cassettes long ago,don’t own any CD’s and rely on MP3 sounds ( whatever they are ) from Amazon cloud. I think as long as there are DJs “wreckin’ decks ” there will be a place for vinyl. Thanks.


    1. Well, the world asks a lot of us to keep up. Honestly, it’s taxing. I didn’t have a cd until ’91. And what on earth will it be after MP3s?


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