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People Are Crazy

Yesterday we were driving on the highway (not a road, not a street–but a major United States highway), and we noticed that cars were slowing down in the right lane because they could not get around something. As we came up on it, I discovered it was a woman in a wheelchair–no, wait–not one, but TWO sets of wheels, so another person was behind her as well. ┬áIt was a TANDEM wheelchair outing, not on a sidewalk nor the shoulder of the road nor a bike lane (there were none), but on a highway, and ON TOP OF THAT, the man behind her was walking a black and white dog. Multitasking, if you will. And where were they going? Turns out, they took a right into the Sonic. Yes, and it wasn’t even Sonic Happy Hour, when tots and Route 44 limeades are half-price. I guess they thought they’d book it on over to the Sonic at twilight (death wish, much?) for a footlong Coney, while getting the dog exercise and holding up traffic. Really?