The Hungry Pájaros

Ever since last month’s ice storm, the surviving birds have been in search of food. Normally at this time of year, trees would be budding, flowers blooming in the sea of verdant spring to which we are accustomed. Not this year. Everything is dead or brown. Or both. Our palm tree lost all its dozen fronds. Our oaks remain frozen in time, covered in ugly brown leaves that will not fall. The earth itself doesn’t know what season it is. It’s the ugliest I’ve ever seen Texas in my life because it was the coldest and the iciest it had ever been.

However, the cottonwood tree has begun putting out these yellow pods, for which the birds have gone crazy.

I’ve never seen so many birds on the branches of our cottonwood before. They stay for several minutes, then fly off, just as another drove comes to feast.

I do hope things will soon return to normal, in every sense of the word.


10 thoughts on “The Hungry Pájaros”

  1. There were some guys here that were trying to get some capital together. Their plan was to buy a container truck full of plants and shrubs, truck them to Texas, hire a work crew of day laborers and go door to door offering same day landscaping. Sounded like they could have made a few bucks.

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    1. Wow! Neighborhood after neighborhood has streets lined with dead branches. Mile after mile after tree graveyards. We definitely need new plants and shrubs!


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