8 thoughts on “HOW Many Executive Orders?”

    1. Au contraire, our older blind dog WISHES she were toothless when she got angry at him and bit a hole in his ear (which forever will look like an acorn-sized lump). We got so mad at her that by her third strike, we Craigslisted her. For some reason, she stopped after that.

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      1. He is so sweet and never has hurt her, and we couldn’t stand to wipe blood off his ear one more time. She is just lucky nobody wanted her. I have shown her grace and mercy. Imagine if you bit the AJF’s ear and drew blood three times? She might Craiglist you… And then you’d have to hit up that awful Our Time website.

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      2. I’m not sure what Our Time website is but you don’t make it sound appealing. I wouldn’t get three free shots at biting the AJF’s ear. One and done. Samurai sword to the neck for me. You are a tolerant DogMom, a model for the rest of us. And that’s a lucky dog.

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