Independence Day Lizard

I was blessed this morning to catch this little guy in our garage this morning, while my husband cleaned car mats with a new Home Depot extension brush (from a Father’s Day gift card, as we usually go to Lowe’s). I ran inside to grab my Nikon and was fortunate enough to catch him as he pumped himself up to let all the local females know with whom they’re dealing.

10 thoughts on “Independence Day Lizard”

    1. Well, hundreds of folks set off illegal fireworks for hours last night and it sounded like Grenada, and it scared the pee out of the dogs who were under the coffee table. I imagine Ellie B is not a big fan of fireworks?


      1. If you were only as rich as Barbra Streisand and you could just continue to clone Ellie B over and over again the way she does with her dogs.


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