Darkness Doesn’t Win

I firmly believe that much good will arise from the aftermath of this challenging pandemic. Darkness endures for a season, but light always wins in the end.

As a visual, I offer two local images from yesterday:

One, from a very brief but harrowing storm with 80 mph winds, which caused this strike of lightning right beside a friend of mine’s home. (The rain quickly doused it.)

photo by Mike Culligan

And this image from another friend of the sunset view off her porch afterward.

image by Lauren Taylor

Beauty will come from the ashes, friends.


8 thoughts on “Darkness Doesn’t Win”

  1. We had a terrible storm the other night also. Torrential down pour with high wind and hail. No fires because everything was already wet. Thanks for the encouraging perspective. We need to remember that all bad things eventually get better. I like your new header shot. That cymbal player certainly seems excited.

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