6 thoughts on “Christmas Villages, How I Love Thee”

  1. Cute. I remember back when department stores had great displays in the front windows. Huge elaborate scenes of Santa’s workshop, snow covered villages. Much like the delightful scenes you have posted. Of course they were so much larger back then.

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  2. Christmas!!! There was a woman I knew in my hometown who had a HUGE one of these villages and she added to it every year. It took up most of her living room! And to think how big it’s probably got by now

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    1. I am jealous of her. I set mine up this morning on the mantle and decided to put a table in front of the fireplace so I have a double-tiered village. Now I sound like I’m 70 years old as I’m writing this. I’m sure it’s before your time, but HBO used to do this cool sequence in the early 80s before movies where they would fly over a neighborhood and it looked so cool and I wanted to just climb inside that little village and that’s what the Christmas Villages do. You wish you could just get inside them.

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      1. Oh the early 80s is pretty close to my time actually 🙂 And I think the double-tiered village is awesome. You’re right, they just make you want to crawl inside them and live there. Someday when we have the space for it, I would love to have one!

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